Teachers currently due to finish their NQT year, or complete it during the 2021-2022 academic year, are falling between the NQT and ECF approaches.

Redhill Hub partners are committed to providing high quality programmes of CPD for these teachers. Find out more below.

NQT+1 with Redhill College of Leadership & Development

NQT+1 teachers are entitled to 5% additional protected time. We have decided to group this time at the end of each half-term so that these teachers can engage with in depth CPD together.

These sessions are free to Redhill Academy Trust and Associate members or £50 to non-members.

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NQT+1 with Diverse Association for Professional Learning

This programme is specifically designed for teachers in their second year of the profession, giving them the opportunity to deepen and refine their practice and engage with the very latest evidence-informed research. The content of sessions draws upon the second year of knowledge content from the new Early Career Framework Development Programme and the strategies they can use to adapt and implement these in their own classroom context. Attendees will have the opportunity to reflect and share experiences with one another and facilitators who will adapt the sessions to meet the professional development needs of the cohort through a pre-session survey.

Session 1

As RQTs begin their second year of teaching, this first session will embed the strategies they have learned around establishing a positive climate for learning. This session will reinforce an RQTs understanding and introduce further techniques to help them develop a secure, safe and predictable environment in which pupils are challenged and supported to reach their potential.

During this session, we will explore the concept of motivation whilst considering the link between maintaining high expectations and your pupils feeling motivated to work hard.  They will consider strategies that they can implement to support pupil motivation and other key ways to establish a positive climate for learning.

RQTs will think about the importance of how to plan appropriate challenge for all pupils to enable them to achieve. During the session they will explore the recommendations set out within the latest evidence informed research and consider strategies to enable them to apply these within their own specific context.


Cohort 1:

Wednesday   10/11/2021
Tuesday 08/03/2022
Tuesday 14/06/2022

Cohort 2:

Tuesday 23/11/2021
Tuesday 15/03/2022
Thursday   23/06/2022

Cohort 3:

Tuesday   30/11/2021
Tuesday 22/03/2022
Friday 01/07/2022


Location: Tuxford Academy

Duration: 3 x full day sessions

Cost: £450/5 units to associated partners

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NQT+1 with Minster Learning Alliance

RQT Support Network

This network is an opportunity for recently qualified teachers to develop relationships with colleagues across schools.
The network will spotlight the key classroom challenges, develop key strategies and provide valuable support to effectively assess, give feedback and create a positive climate for learning across a range of sessions.

For more information on sessions and dates, download the information sheet below:

What is the cost?

£250 per person for non-MLA members

£200 per person for standard MLA members (3 for 2 offer available)

£100 per person for full MLA members

(3 for 2 offer available)

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