How to register

1. Tell the DfE that you have appointed an ECT. You can do this here. 

2. Choose how to run your induction programme.

“Using a DfE-funded training provider has been designed to be the simplest option and the one we expect most schools to use. Training providers will design and deliver a comprehensive programme of face-to-face and online training. This support will be fully funded, so there are no costs for schools. Lead providers will be inspected by Ofsted, so schools can be assured that this training will remain high-quality. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘full induction programme'.”

  • When you choose to deliver the full induction programme through Redhill Teaching Hub, when prompted on the DfE portal, you must tell the DfE that your chosen delivery partner is the Education Development Trust as EDT is our chosen national provider for the ECF.
  • You can register with EDT here. 
  • When registering with EDT you must nominate Redhill Teaching hub as your chosen delivery partner. This is especially important for those schools choosing to join us from outside our designated area as schools who leave this blank will be automatically added to their regional hub.

3. Register with the Hub, if you have not already so that you are added to our mailing list.

  • You will then be guaranteed to receive all the information about our events and programmes and receive our monthly newsletter. You can join the Hub by using any of the links at the foot of the pages of our website or by filling out this form

4. Finally, please look at our Appropriate Body page

  • Make sure you register your ECTs with either our Appropriate Body service or the one your school has chosen to work with in order to ensure your ECT is fully accredited on completion of the training.
  • Please note that in 2021/22 Redhill Teaching Hub is only providing an AB service for schools in the following trusts: Redhill Academy Trust, Minster Trust for Education and Diverse Academies Trust
  • We will widen our AB offer out to other schools in September 2022. Until then, we would encourage other schools to contact Nottinghamshire County Council or if they are in Nottingham City, Flying High Teaching Hub.

Please note that the EDT is NOT an Appropriate Body and the ECF is not an assessment tool. All ECTs will need to be assessed against the Professional Standards by an AB at the end of their induction.

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