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Appropriate Body Services: Pricing Structure

Full Induction Programme (FIP)

Redhill Appropriate Body Services combined with the Full Induction Programme (FIP) delivered by the Redhill Hub Early Career Team.

£150 for 1 year
£275 for 2 years

For further information about our Appropriate Body services, Early Career Framework or the Redhill Teaching Hub please contact us at enquiries@redhillhub.org.uk

Core Induction Programme (CIP)

National provider designs the material to be delivered by the school. There will be additional charges for fidelity checks to ensure the sessions are in line with the statutory guidance for induction and meet the EFC programme standards.

£300 visit costs (plus registration)

School Based Induction Programme (SBIP)

The school designs the material and delivers the programme.

To discuss QA visit costs please contact us.

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