The DfE announced in May 2022 that fully funded NPQ training scholarships will be available until 2023/2024.

In addition to funding NPQs, the DfE has updated the Targeted Support Fund offer for 2023-2024 academic year. For each teacher or leader who takes an NPQ:

  • All state-funded primary schools with one to 150 pupils will receive a grant payment of £800
  • All state-funded primary schools with more than 150 pupils will receive a grant payment of £200
  • All state-funded secondary schools and state-funded 16 to 19 educational settings with one to 600 pupils will receive a grant payment of £200




New for 2022 - NPQ Early Years Leadership (NPQEYL)

All Ofsted registered EYFS providers are eligible to undertake NPQEYL, including childminders.

Access to funding remains conditional on successful validation of participants’ registration information against Teaching Regulation Agency records, so you must ensure that the information supplied to your NPQ provider matches your teacher records. You can check and update your record via the Teaching Regulation Agency’ Teacher Self-Service Portal.


Early Headship Coaching Offer (EHCO)

Alongside new NPQs for 2022, the department has revamped the Additional Support Offer for new headteachers. This targeted support package is now open to those who: 

  • Have completed an NPQH  OR
  • Are studying for an NPQH  OR
  • Are about to start an NPQH

Full scholarship funding for the EHCO is available for those from the groups above who also meet the following criteria:

  • Work in any of the settings eligible for funding
  • Are in their first 5 years of headship 
  • Have not withdrawn from the additional support programme previously

The Early Headship Coaching offer provides structured, unassessed face-to-face support based on the best available evidence about what makes an effective headteacher. EHCO includes a combination of group coaching, one-to-one support discussions and peer network support.

If you have queries about NPQ funding, please email us at 

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