ECT Extra

Our ECT extra programme aims to provide Early Career Teachers with CPD in specific areas. The sessions have been selected and devised based on feedback from ECTs and Mentors over the last 2 years, and are delivered by a range of amazing teachers and leaders in our regional schools.  

Facilitated by expert practitioners from across the region, they aim to strengthen and develop knowledge and practice, and present a great opportunity to meet peers and colleagues at a similar career stage.

It is great to see this programme providing an opportunity for exploration of pedagogy, discussion and networking.  


To ensure easy access for all, our sessions are delivered online and after school, they are all recorded, with links added to this page. 

  • All sessions run from 4 pm - 5 pm (with an additional 30 minutes for questions at the end of each session).
  • Sessions take place on Zoom, follow the links below to register your place and submit any questions for facilitators.


Session 6 - Assessment: Feedback for teachers & learners.

6th March 2024

Effective use of DIRT time, and tried and tested strategies that support us to ensure that time spent on marking and feedback is meaningful and productive.


Session 7 - Early Leadership

20th March 2024

How to deal with the responsibility of leadership in your ECT years when opportunity comes knocking. Input from teachers who took on leadership roles early in their careers.


Session 8 - Teaching Fundamentals

17th April 2024

A look at the tools that we put into our toolkit during training, sharpen them up and polish them to make sure they are in great shape going forwards.


Session 9 - Data

1st May 2024

The who, what, where, when, how, and why of data collection and analysis. What does it all mean? Why do we collect it, and what do we do with it that makes a difference?

Previous sessions:

Session 1 - Behaviour 1: Doing it on my own

Taking responsibility and managing behaviour as a new teacher. How to build confidence and form productive and positive relationships.

Please click here to watch the recording. 

Session 2 - Active Learning: Low prep, high engagement

How to beat the workload blues; manage time by planning highly effective, low prep lesson activities.

Please click here to watch the recording.

Please click here to access the materials from the session. 

Session 3 - Adaptive Teaching: Is everyone making progress?

Practical advice and strategies to help us support all the learners in our classrooms and schools.

Please click here to watch the recording.

Please click here to access the materials from the session.

Session 4 - Behaviour 2: ‘I wasn’t expecting that!’

How we find the confidence to re-establish routines and expectations if things are not going to plan.

Please click here to watch the recording. 

Session 5 - Ofsted

What does the inspection process look and feel like and what might an inspection mean for an ECT (with input from primary and secondary ECTs who have experienced inspection)

This session was not recorded. 

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