Redhill Hub wants all our ECTs to be successful and thrive in their first teaching posts. We have carefully selected all of our facilitators and trainers, all of whom are experienced teachers and/or school leaders who bring a wealth of experience to their ECF role.

Our aim is to provide a range of opportunities for our ECTs to build relationships with the Hub staff involved in their training, not just through the training sessions but also through our regular drop-in events and our online webinars. The Hub is here to provide support, guidance and encouragement; a regional touch point for all and not just a training provider.

As practising teachers, we recognise that the first few years of teaching can be challenging, and we know how difficult it can be to find the right balance in a job that requires so much commitment, but we also know how joyous this job can be and how much reward a career in teaching can bring. You will find that advice and support from the Hub comes with a healthy dose of real-life experience and an active desire to help wherever possible.

On this page you will find links to training materials, webinars and events. But most importantly you will find a list of all the people at the Hub who are involved in your training. They are here to support you and have been carefully chosen as they each bring something distinct to our offer.

Your Redhill Hub facilitation team:

Gedling ECF Team Newark & Sherwood ECF Team Bassetlaw ECF Team
Marie Imrie (Lead) Nicole Lyons (Lead) Delia Nicholson
Sally Barfoot Dave Boothroyd Alasdair Fuller
Caroline Chaloner Hazel Theaker Kirsten Cardall
Katie Day Alison Hallam Alisia Wilkins
Linda Shepherd Megan Brooksby Vicky Purdy
Jack Rickels Adam Jevons-Newman Claire Gledhill
    Victoria Read

We are wholly committed to making the first two years of your career achievable and enjoyable and hopefully ensure you thrive in your chosen career, so if there is anything more we can do – just let us know – we are here to support you.

Training Dates 

For ECTs who started in September 2021/22

For ECTs who started in January 2022

For ECTs who started in April 2022

For ECTs starting in September 2022/23



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