Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD)

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Why complete an NPQ in Leading Teaching

The National Professional Qualification for Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD) is perfect for those who are, or would like to mentor Early Career Teachers, or those who are interested in Leading Professional Development in their schools. This evidenced-based rigorous NPQ gives teachers a superb understanding of how to support and develop those around them, ensuring everyone is leading pupils to do their very best.

We deliver NPQH in partnership with Cefel, the programme is fully funded, check out the programme prospectus here.

NPQLT will support you to:

  • Gain confidence and develop skills in implementing evidence-based professional development programmes focused on improving classroom teaching.
  • Promote a strong professional development culture across your school.


Who is this for?

Are you committed to seeing your colleagues thrive? Do you get a buzz out of training and developing new and experienced teachers? If so NPQLTD is for you.

This programme is perfect for teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading the development of other teachers in their school. (e.g., CPD Leads or ECF mentors).


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"I felt a little apprehensive before starting the qualification, but it really clarified my thinking and my understanding of the research. It was great to connect with other professionals in the same situations and share our understanding and prior experiences. I have been able to share my learning with my colleagues and engage more confidently in conversations relating to school development and teacher development."

NPQLTD participant - June 2022

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