Leading Behaviour and Culture (NPQLBC)

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Why complete an NPQ in Leading Behaviour and Culture

The National Professional Qualification for Leading Behaviour and Culture (NPQLBC) is a nationally recognised, professional qualification for Teachers, Support Staff and anyone working in a relevant role in a school. NPQLBC provides teachers with a superb understanding of how to develop and implement behaviour and wellbeing strategies in their school.

We deliver NPQLBC in partnership with Cefel, the programme is fully funded. Check out the programme prospectus here.


Who is this for?

Do you want to learn how a thriving school culture can support excellent behaviour? NPQLBC is designed for teachers, Support Staff and anyone working in a relevant role in a school. It’s great for those who are leading behaviour, working in a pastoral role, or are working to lead inclusion – whether you work in a primary, secondary school or an FE college.


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"This course has helped me recognise what I am doing well and the areas that I could work on to make it better. All the questions and discussions have been probing and thought-provoking."

"I have found the opportunities to share and reflect on context and learn from others incredibly useful."

NPQLBC participant - July 2022


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