ECF Registration is now open

Please wait until you have been emailed by the DfE to register.

To find specific guidance on how to register, according to your current circumstances, please head to our ECF registration page, here.


DfE Timelines:

  1. DfE registration pilot opens first week of June.
  2. DfE aim to start sending invitations for full national rollout from 03/07/2023.
    N.B. The aim is to stagger invitations to register over two periods so as not to overwhelm the support desk - 25,000 schools will be contacted in batches of 5,000, enabling the DfE to respond and address issues before each batch is released
  3. Lead Providers will provide walkthrough webinars prior to launch of the registration process.


EDT Timelines:

Registration dates for new ECT onboarding


Only schools who have not worked with EDT previously need to complete an EOI (expression of interest) which will be live from 1st June 2023. To access the form click here.

Participants will be onboarded to the corresponding intake schedule according to the date they were registered, DPs can request intake schedule changes via the DP portal.

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