ECF Launch 2023!

Last week we formally welcomed all our new Early Career Teachers to their induction training and assessment programmes and to the Hub. 

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting (the large majority of) those who will be training with us over the next two years at our ECF and AB launch event last week.  During the event we focussed firmly on the value our new teachers bring to the profession and how valuable and valued they are. 


Recruitment and retention of quality teachers to the profession and to our local schools continues to be one of the most pressing issues in education currently, so it was great to feel so much positivity in the room and hear about all the support and encouragement the ECTs have experienced during their training and are now receiving in their schools.   


Over my two years, this has been a superb experience. The support I have received has allowed me to develop into the teacher I want to be. The regular meetings and feedback I received were always purposeful and allowed me to set clear objectives for me to build and grow. Thanks to everyone involved, it's been a fantastic programme!

An ECT, 2023

We are awaiting the most up-to-date research, but available data from September 2022 (NFER) showed that nationally we were typically seeing 15% of newly qualified teachers leave the profession in their first year and a further 8% leave in year two.   


Hopefully, what we are seeing at the Redhill Hub is reflected nationally, but in our first two years we saw only 10 ECTs leave teaching, representing just 3% of the teachers registered with the Hub. Certainly, the feedback we are receiving via the ECF and the Hub is overwhelmingly positive, and it is clear that schools are looking after their newest staff members with a great deal of care and thought. 


Our hope is that the support from the Hub and the quality of the EDT programme are enabling schools to concentrate their attention on the conversations and actions which are making this difference at a school level.  We continue to be hugely grateful for the excellent level of communication we have with our regional schools and the way we continue to work together to make a difference. 

Sally Barfoot, Director
Redhill Teaching Hub

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