The Mentor role is a pivotal one to the success of the Early Career Framework and therefore schools will be given funding to facilitate the mentor to attend regular training for their role. Mentoring provides an exciting opportunity for staff to gain experience and develop expertise in coaching and mentoring and access a high-quality training programme.


The mentor’s role is firmly rooted in supporting their ECT to make progress in their training and to ensure the training continues to have impact in the classroom and on the wider role of the ECT in their school.


The mentor’s role is not to assess the trainee

Assessment is the role of the Induction Tutor, allowing the mentor/ECT relationship to develop around support, challenge and growth. Mentors will need to meet regularly with their ECT(s) in order to carry out their responsibilities, which include:

  • Working with their school to make sure ECTs receive a high-quality induction programme
  • Providing support and feedback to their ECTs, encouraging and challenging them as appropriate
  • Providing or arranging mentoring and coaching around specific phases and subject areas
  • Ensuring their ECTs stays up to date with the programme and stay on track to complete the training
  • Ensuring staff who work alongside the ECTs are aware of particular areas for development and contribute to the support of the ECTs


Schools following the Full Induction Programme through EDT receive DfE funding to support release of the mentors, so they can attend training meetings.


Training Dates

Training dates for year 1 Mentors who started training in September 2023 - Click here

Training dates for year 2 Mentors who started training in September 2022 - Click here

Training dates for Mentors who started training in April 2022 - 
Click here

Training dates for Mentors who started training in April 2023Click here

Training dates for Mentors who started training in April 2024Click here

Training dates for Mentors who started training in January 2024Click here


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